CURE Token has stormed into the new year, dedicated to enacting its promise of making 2022 the ‘Year of CURE.’ The project continues to grow and evolve rapidly, creating fantastic relationships with other projects that have risen to the top of the Decentralised Finance space. Most recently, CURE has connected with Pixlcoin (PIXL) — a brilliant project that fuses the world of advertising with the emerging metaverse. The main aim of PIXL is to bridge the gap between projects and investors, by providing access to a suite of vetted products which have earned the PIXL seal of approval by adhering to a certain level of transparency, honesty, and integrity, meaning that they can be trusted.

CURE has been deemed as exactly one of these projects, by PIXL which is why they will be labelling it as ‘Coin of the Week’ and promoting it to their own community as a safe investment. In addition, they have invited Jacob Beckley to take part in an in-depth and dynamic video AMA (Ask me Anything) session on their Telegram Community this coming Saturday. It will be an exceptional opportunity for an entirely new group of investors to be able to listen to the philanthropic leader of CURE talk passionately about a project that isn’t simply changing the landscape of healthcare but is committed to literally saving lives in the process.

In addition, PIXL will be freeing up marketing space just for CURE on their ‘1 Million PIXL Advertising Page’, which (just as it sounds), features a page of one million total pixels where exemplary projects are free to paste their own logos and a link to their content. This won’t cost CURE a dime, as PIXL have deemed it such a great project that it is worthy of free promotion. If CURE continues to be voted up by the PIXL community and becomes ‘Coin of the Month’ (which anyone who knows the project knows it deserves to be) and will be further featured on PIXL’s Arcade App, where thousands of people play addictive 8-bit games daily, meaning even more huge exposure for the project.

Pixlcoin is a fantastic project with real utility, which shines among a sea of memes and scams — just as CURE does. These types of partnerships are crucial to the rapid growth of CURE and is testament to the fact that the project is making a positive name for itself in the DeFi world. Of course, this is simply the first of many dynamic connections that CURE is making in the field, of which more will be revealed soon. The project and its dedicated team are committed to the goal of making 2022 truly revolutionary for the project, its investors, and for everyone who hopes to make healthcare an equal access right, while ridding the world of cruel diseases like cancer.

Now that is a cause worth investing in.

If you would like to know more about CURE Token, please visit the website (where you can also buy directly with CURE Pay) at or join their official telegram group at If you would also like to find out more about Pixlcoin as well then you can check out their website at and their TG at

This article was written by Stuart Meczes. Please note that Stuart is not a financial advisor, and nothing written above should be taken as financial advice.




CURE Token is the first deflationary crypto token built around doing good and is focused on pediatric cancer research.

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CURE Token

CURE Token

CURE Token is the first deflationary crypto token built around doing good and is focused on pediatric cancer research.

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